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            —— ABOUT US ——

            Quality first, service first, integrity based.

            Hangzhou Baisheng Electroplating Co., Ltd. is a standard model professional metal surface treatment and hardware manufacturing company. The company is located in Changshan No. 3 Bridge, east of Xiaoshan National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou(bus No. 520.K520.360 Changshan Station), convenient transportation. The company covers a total area of 20,000 square meters and has more than 500 employees, including 60 various management and technical personnel.
            The company has a large chrome-plated automatic line, ring automatic line, electroless nickel wire, large cathode electrophoresis automatic line, galvanized line, throwing light, large injection automatic line, spray automatic line, phosphating line, neodymium iron boron magnetic steel electroplating line. Surface treatment types are: copper, nickel, Chromium, electroless nickel plating, electroless copper plating, phosphating, environmentally friendly galvanizing, electrophoresis paint, spray molding, spray painting and other processes. The company specializes in the surface treatment of hardware accessories such as automobiles, motorcycles, furniture, bicycles, automatic hemp machines, fitness equipment, and plumbing and cleaning equipment.
            In addition, the company also has two assembly lines for hardware manufacturing. It adopts robot welding technology and specializes in the production of bumper, gear, shelves, pedals and other accessories for motorcycles and electric bottles. The product "Flying Bear" is exported to all parts of the country. Two large production lines of neodymium iron boron provide you with various properties and specifications of neodymium ferroboron magnetic materials; Professional bicycle mud board production line two, for you to provide various specifications of electroplating mud board, paint mud board, spray mud board, rough mud board.
            Company service purpose: quality first, service first, integrity. With fast speed, real prices, constantly meet your needs and expectations. Warmly welcome people from all walks of life at home and abroad to visit and negotiate!

            Focus on research and development

            We always with the most professional R & D team, with a unique advanced R & D concept, dedicated to manufacturing excellent products for customers.

            Focus on Quality

            Quality assurance is our constant principle and adherence, we are based on superb craftsmanship, strict pursuit of each product excellence.

            Focus on Services

            From the moment you met, you are destined to become a lifelong friend, we will serve you with a most sincere heart, the most rigorous mind, the most intimate attitude!